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The identity of the Wizard series has been evolved into a design that takes advantage of the features of each past type. Equipped with a rich KOKUYO original function, Wizard 3 balances the support of the waist and the fit of the back to stabilize the posture and follow the free movement of the body. You can choose what best fits you from abundant options and rich colour variations.

Dual Motion

The Lumbar

The Seat
Cushions & Base

Dual Motion Mechanism

The Lumbar Support

The Seat Cushion & Base

Dual Motion Mechanism

Equipped with a dual motion mechanism that combines two movements, achieving an exquisite balance between support and fit.

The upper tilt mechanism, which allows only the upper back to move flexibly, follows small movements of the body and greatly enhances the fit. When you change your posture during work , the backseat angle-linked rocking interlocks with the backseat to support large body movements comfortably.

The Lumbar Support

In order to reduce the burden on the shoulders and hips due to the collapse of the posture, the two support points prevent the pelvis from sliding forward and falling back, and support the S-shape of the spine. By sliding the lever in the horizontal direction, two-stage switching is possible according to the “I” shape of the spine, which is almost flat, and the “S” shape, which has a large curvature.

The Seat Cushion & Base

The surface of the seat pan supports the pelvis area supported by the base layer of the seat , you will feel your Thighs been wrap around thus gives the user a better support and take away the body pressure from long hours of sitting.

The Base is coat with the latest ‘CleanTect’ technology for all white base. It is stain free, all stain can be easily wipe off by using of a damp cloth.