Before using CAD data of product designs provided by KOKUYO Co., Ltd. (hereinafter the “Company”) (hereinafter “CAD Data”), the customer is supposed to read through and accept the following.

All the rights to CAD Data shall be owned by the Company or the right holders concerned.
Use CAD Data only when you want to study about our products before purchase (hereinafter the “Purpose of Use”).
Refrain yourself from disclosing or transferring CAD Data to third parties for purposes other than the Purpose of Use.
Do not engage in making reproductions and/or imitations of our products based on CAD Data.
CAD Data are subject to change without notice due to change, etc. in product specifications. Contact us for the newest CAD Data.
The customer is supposed to take responsibility for use of CAD Data. Depending on the usage environment of your personal computer, etc., trouble may occur with CAD Data.
KOKUYO Co., Ltd. Furniture Business Division

Date of establishment: June 30, 2017