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COVID-19 has changed lifestyle and has a great impact on the work style. Due to the declaration of emergencies and the regulation of behavior, we were forced to work in ways that are not common sense in the past, such as restrictions on going to the workplace, blockades of offices, shortening business hours, and staggering commuting.

On the other hand, the workplace has been expanded from the real office to the online. Companies and workers are beginning to feel new possibilities and awareness for branding new ways of working while carrying out such as Work From Home (WFH), paperless, web conference, online chat, electronic payment, and so on.

Since the conventional wisdom has been forcibly updated, many companies and organizations are now looking for ways to work in a new era, which is also called the New Normal. We need offices evolved into a flexible one that can respond to change amid unpredictable and uncertain situations.


Work Transformation -a new way of working and the concept of offices in the transition period.

We have put together a book, “Work Transformation -a new way of working and the concept of offices in the transition period-” that considers creating offices from the two perspectives; short-term for recovering office operation, mid-to-long term for growth of their own offices.

In the future, companies will be required to evolve their working styles and offices in order to flexibly respond to changes in the unexpected emergency. KOKUYO would like to help the sustainable growth of companies and workers through considering the way they work. We are blending the values of digital work and the central office in addition to measures to prevent the spread of infection. Please read the concept book and consider it for future office development.

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The New Workstyle and Office Concept at Transitional Period

COVID-19 pandemic seriously affect our lifestyle and workstyle. Companies and organizations are trying to adjust through installing new ways of working. What will become of office and our work style? We create the model of future work place based on various perspective; value shift and behavioral change of workers, intention of managements, and demands of facility environment. KOKUYO is presenting brand-new suggestions containing a foresight of post-COVID in this Fair.

The Function of “Central Office”

Office need to promote own functionality and expertise of workers, and enhance the importance of connecting among workers, organizations, and communities.

People are working from home in order to lower the risk of infection, which paradoxically raises the meaning of going to work. Office function and role will be questioned more than ever.

Specialize & Practical Tasks

Quality & Special

  • Carrying out own tasks requiring specialty
  • High functionality
  • Verify prototype

Connecting Individual & Organization

Culture & Engagement

  • Assist communities
  • Decide who does what
  • High quality team building

Collaborative & Activities Area

Well-being & Balance / Rhythm

  • Great diversity
  • Change of pace and mental balance
  • Recovering daily rhythms and physics

What is Essential Activity in Future Office?

Digital Transformation reveals the truly essential activity in the office nowadays.

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, we have experienced remote work almost forcibly. Thanks to that, KOKUYO can clarify the essential activity in the future office. 

7 Categories of Activity

We split up the activities into 7 categories, and design work place.

Defining the Position of Office

Showing the 5 models with Screenshots of VR

We can define the position of offices from 2 perspectives; purpose and function. We are introducing 5 model plans and space configuration based on classification of activities.

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