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Recently we see the evolution of the way we work and how changing of work trends shaped how we perceived the meaning of Co-working. Green co-working spaces that are popping up across the world, especially office/cafe hybrids that not only provide a welcoming work space, shared resources, generating of fresh new ideas and pooled resources but drinks and snacks. These Green co-working spaces save both energy and cash and put you in touch with like-minded professionals.

KOKUYO is aiming to that direction by providing these spaces and furniture for all like-minded individuals and communities. Therefore, we developed a series of furniture under the Days Office’s collection to meet this requirements. Ideas and inspirations is no longer generated behind the office cubicles, meeting rooms or the 4 walls of the office’s premises. The cafe’s concept has been on a rise, a sanctuary for deriving of new ideas and inspirations, the new trend, the place to be! The millennial prefer to work in a open and flexible environments; and cafe’s style has been attracting more of such generations into this spectrum.

The well-being issue

Researched in Japan has shown and compared with companies that created a cafe area within the office’s premises. It shows that 40% has followed this trend by setting up a snacks and drinks bar within the office space.

Through this research, it shows that employee’s motivation and well-being has been vastly improved by 53%. Active communication through exchanging of ideas has improved 49% within the employees. Lastly, companies also reported of 40% of improvement of the office’s atmosphere and ambience. Above research data was based on KOKUYO’s research findings in the Japanese market

Communication is the key

The findings was proved to be a step forward of introducing the employee’s well-being within the organisation. All organisations reported that their employees was able to communicate with one another in a more comfortable environment, take a break from their daily workload and help to improve their moods. And also by moving from one location to another, it helps them to exercise in some extend. Lastly, surprising, it also create awareness for a healthy life style by adopting a healthier choice of food and behaviour.