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Viewrise provides the ultimate solution for your meeting needs. The latest work trend encourages employees’ well-being by instilling the mind-set of standing up while working or even having a quick discussion.

Viewrise is a versatile table that supporting 3 modes of discussion. Started from lowest at 700mm height while sitting down, to 900mm Height for sitting on the high stools to 1100mm height for all standing discussion. With the built-in gas lift, simply lift the table’s height by a lever located underneath the table. Easy to use and control. Viewrise is designed and made in Japan that assures the highest quality and finishes in its category.


Different Heights for different discussion modes

3 different heights allows the user to have selective mode for discussions. From sitting position to standing position.

Seamless wire management

Optional wire tray can be install on the table top, complete with under table wire tray for seamless wire management from the ground to the table top, supporting the way you work.

Meeting Table – Rectangular

Meeting Table – Oval

Side Table – Round

Side Table – Square

Manager / Meeting Table

Meeting Table

Conference Table

Lever Type

Full Spec Lever

Basic Lever

Button Type

Table Top Colours