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Sirocco’s design may look simple, but it offers a lot more you ask for. Scirocco is designed for everyday use that provides the ultimate comfort, support and flexibilities. Designed and made in Japan, based on our vast experience in creating the most comfortable office chair, we designed a simple, effective and comfortable chair based on low budget but high in quality.

Comfort is the key
The comfort of the chair comes in satisfying the user in achieving a good sitting posture and feeling comfortable when at work. The simplicity and clean look with the mesh back help in reducing the materials cost but at the same time saving the environment with a more recycle materials. With the support of lumbar and adopting the latest technology seat pan materials, the chair aims to make the user happy and healthy in a long run.


Advanced Seat Cushion Technology.

The seat cushion is designed to hold and support the pelvis area. You feel the thighs are comfortably wrap-up. This provides the movement support and how the user moves their body seamlessly while supporting your body weight for long hours of sitting.

The Lumbar Support.

The lumbar support comes with one of the kinds knob adjusters. By just turning the knob clockwise, the lumbar belt will be tightened to give a better support at the lower region of the lumbar, thus it improves your sitting posture. Losing the tension by turning the knob anti-clockwise.

Clean Tech Coating Technology.

The white colour of base is elegant and exclusive. However accumulative dirt is difficult to remove, in order to solve the problem, a new clean tech coating technology is applied on the base. Simply use a damp cloth to wipe it clean.

Better Support, Better Posture.

The back cushion mesh is designed in the way that help mould your body to the back cushion. This way it provides a better full back support and the way our body move while working. It also aims to improve our sitting posture.

Mid Back with lumbar support

Mid Back without lumbar support

Low Back with lumbar support

Low Back without lumbar support

Mid Back without armrest and lumbar support

Low Back without armrest and lumbar support

Frame Colours

Fabric Colours (Backrest)

Seat Fabric