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PUNTO is designed with careful and meticulous sewing of the fabric or leather based on high-quality materials and finest craftsmanship. The chair comes with the KOKUYO’s trademark’s Air lumbar support technology, which support and improves your sitting posture and provides the comfort. Aim to harmonise with the environment, the premium design of the chair sits in seamlessly in your premium office environment. PUNTO pave the way to the new standard of the cushion chair.

Finest at Every Detail
Finest details could be found at the sewing part of the chair. Craftsmanship is the paramount important for PUNTO designs direction. The fabric or leather is tightly wrapped onto the chair frame that creates a non-wrinkles look of the upholstery thus making it smooth and soft to our body. The use of the Air lumbar support that is concealed at the lumbar area provides an unparalleled comfort and support for long hours of sitting. The flexibilities of the chair come in the form of the amount of air that can be adjusted via a lever to support different type of user’s spine.


The Lumbar Support

Lumbar support to support the lumbar region can be adjusted up or down depending on the individual difference. Moderately curved shape along a curve of the body, spreading the body pressure evenly and gives the user a better posture and support.

Advanced Seat Cushion

The seat cushion is designed to hold and support the pelvis area. You feel the thighs are comfortably wrap-up. This provides the movement support and how the user moves their body seamlessly while supporting your body weight for long hours of sitting.

High back with headrest and adjustable armrest

High back with headrest and fixed armrest

Standard with adjustable armrest

Mid Back with fixed armrest

Standard with fixed armrest

Mid Back without armrest

Low Back adjustable armrest

Low Back fixed armrest

Low Back adjustable armrest

Low Back without armrest

Leather Fabric

High-Grade Fabric

Standard Fabric