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Mo.baco is a stylist carrier that serve as the best companion for you at the workplace. Often, we need to transport our items from one location to another within the office environment. With the Mo.baco carrier, it serves as a convenience carrier to let you put all your necessities, laptop and documents. Simply place them in the compartments within the mo.baco and just carry them around within the office environment. The size of the carrier is designed in such a way that it can seamlessly place or keep it inside the filing cabinets.

Mo.baco will be an ideal companion for you!

Smart Design

Designed in mind for easy storage and comes with compartments for better organisation of your personal belongings. With sufficient of compartments that enable the user to place varies of items such as stationery and even laptop. With the handle attached, the user can carry it around seamlessly.

Your Personal Assistant at your finger tips

Mo.baco is also known as your personal assistant. Place all your belongings while you shuffle within the office from one activities to another.

Colours Options