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We designed M4 for everyday use.

Is the people’s chair that fulfils the least minimum requirement without sacrificing the style and the most important aspect, comfort! We certainly believe that we do not need to sacrifice style in order to pack the chair with lots of functions.

Less is more
Like what they always say, less is more, the majority of the functions are the reserve for the comfort level. From the seat cushion design to back cushion support; M4 gives the unparalleled comfort that is paramount to an everyday chair.
The chair is designed to be simple to the outlook and easy to use. All parts and mechanism are updated to meet the requirements of the user. The seat cushion is designed with grooves covered in the three-dimensional mesh; it helps to disperse body heat from the seat cushion to maximise comforts for the users.


Soft But Firm Backrest

The backrest is designed to give you a feeling that your body is comfortably wrap up when sitting on the chair, this gives the user a comfortable and well-support posture.

Height-Adjustable Lever

The height-adjustable lever is located underneath the armrest instead on the lower half of the chair. With the lever conveniently accessible for easy use and control.

Advanced Seat Cushion

The seat cushion composed of riveted urethane covered in three-dimensional mesh disperses the body’s heat on the seat maximising comfort for users, thus making M4 the ideal choice for today’s demanding business environment.

Standard back with adjustable armrest

Standard back with fixed armrest

Frame Colour

Seat Cushion Fabric