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We inspire INSPINE, the first lumbar support chair that uses wire. Designed by KOKUYO in-house designer, Kazutaka Oki, INSPINE heralds the launch of an industry first – wire lumbar support technology. Designed with the intention of tackling different sitting posture based on the growing trend of using different and multi-devices for work and social purpose, INSPINE looks to provide the ultimate support and comfort for this new era.

The key component of that functionality is the use of wire. The singular-coiled wire technology takes the idea of customization to the next level, offering the user far more precise support, unparalleled within the industry.

The chair directly addresses the growing trend toward multi-device working and free address seating. To this end, a new mechanism posture support seat was designed to eliminate anti-forward leaning postures. The forward tilt support function allows the user to adjust the angle to align the torso and thigh for a well-balanced posture position.


Ultimate Lumbar Support

The adjusting of the lumbar support is based on a single dial knob. By turning clockwise direction, the single coil wire will be pulled to give a strong support at the lower lumbar region. You could also loosen the tension by turning the knob anti-clockwise.

Anti-Tilt Forward Mechanism

The seat pan comes with the anti-forward tilting mechanism. The seat pan could tilt with the angle 3 degrees to support the thighs weight. This help to reduce the stress at the area.

All Rounded Armrest Support

Different angle of the armrest support different purposed during the movement of our posture and body while engaging in different technology and gadgets.

Black frame with headrest and fixed armrest

White frame with headrest and adjustable armrest

White frame with adjustable armrest

Black frame with adjustable armrest

White frame with no armrest

Black frame with adjustable armrest

White frame with fixed armrest

Black frame with low backrest and no armrest

Frame Colour

Backrest Mesh Fabric

Leather Seat

Seat Fabric Colours