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Ever wonder why a circle design workstation can be effective? We explore how could shapes play an important role in shaping our ever changing and demanding working environment. We reckon, open, compact and collaboration are the key, and we embrace that in a circle. The open concept make the office a vibrant place.

Some may deem it too messy, but the sole objective is to create the transparency that improve communication and collaboration. This is how an efficient office space derives

Open out the communication flow, it portrays a new way of working style. The circle layout is a perfect environment for discovery, communication and problem-solving. It actually improves the communication flow not just within the circle but outside the circle with the entire office.


Efficiency Within the Circle

The different angles along the workstation provides different functional task in order to achieve maximum efficiency.It supports individual focus, collaboration with the circle and communication outside the circle.

Better Space Management

The workstation allows to place in the middle of the office environment. It encourages better visual supervising and also communication within and outside of the circle.

4 Seaters Workstation

5 Seaters Workstation

7 Seaters Workstation

9 Seaters Workstation

Table Top Colours

Gradient Tone

Table Top Colours (Round Tables)