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The EPIPHY flip top table is designed for elegance and ease of use. The flowing curves and graceful design make EPIPHY the perfect choice for training, meetings and conferences.

EPIPHY is designed to incorporate both ergonomics and style.

All components have their own distinct design and add to the sleek elegance of EPIPHY.

As a result, this elegant flip top table has won design accolades including the IF award and Good design award. The award-winning EPIPHY table is designed to be flexible and safe to use. No matter how you fold the table top, you can be assured that your hands will not be caught during the motion. With the simple function, folding mechanism enables the worktop to be flipped down into place in moments, to create a meeting space. If not in use, simply flipped up and rolled them away for a quick and space efficient storage.



Lever is designed in the way that when the table top is flip down, there is no way that the hand will be caught in-between.

More Than Just a Table

The stacking gap in-between the table is so minimum that it could stack up to more tables that you could imagine. Thus save space.

Seamlessly Wire Management

Wire cable tray can be install onto the table for better wire management. Wire access from the ground to the top of the table.

Rectangle shaped with modesty panel

Rectangle shaped without modesty panel

Angular shaped without modesty panel

Angular shaped with modesty panel

Table Top Colours