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The prominent feature of Duora is the curvature of its backrest. The design is meant to achieve the maximum support in accordance with the changes and physique of our working posture. The supple backrest designed in the form of a double frame structure give the chair a better durability and support and it also adds as a unique design feature. Duora follows the movement of our body, whether you are arching your weight from left to right or leaning forward, Duora supports your posture at all time.

Duora gives you the best support in its category. The protrusion at the lower back area of the backrest give the user a comfortable lumbar support or the choice of having the lumbar support mechanism. Duora also comes with an option of an adjustable armrest, the armrest that supports the user when using different gadgets that firmly supports the way you move your body. It comes with the options of fixing a headrest, cloth hanger, colours base, frame colours and upholstery to blend into your office environment.


Ultimate Lumbar Support

With the push and uplifting of lower back lumbar support gives you to utmost support for the long hour of sitting. Aim to fill up the ‘S’ lumbar back curve to improve the sitting posture of the user.

All Rounded Armrest Support

Different angle of the armrest support different purposed during the movement of our posture and body while engaging in different technology and gadgets.

Mesh Backrest

Headrest with adjustable armrest

Mid back with fixed armrest

Mid back without armrest

Headrest with fixed armrest

Mid back with adjustable armrest

Mid back with adjustable armrest

Frame Colour

Back and Seat Colours (for mesh backrest model)

Back and Seat Colours (for fabric backrest model)