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Employees collaboration and communication space is essential for all organisations. With more sophisticated work style evolved, more and more organisation seeks products and furniture able to support activities based work style. A furniture able to support the function and at the same time provides the storage space is deem highly essential in the office environment and the furniture should be able to fulfil more than one usage but multi-functional.

Collesso sofa system is designed to fit into the environment. The sofa offers different and varies configurations that support different level of collaboration. With available optional stand-up desk and side table for better use of the sofa system and it improve better communication. The sofa can also be display in such a way that multi-usage can use them while not interfering in other’s activity and discussion.


Smart Design

A system structure that can freely combine sheet, top board, and frame according to the layout. In addition, it can adapt to various space design with abundant colour variations and selection.

Comfort that aims to improve sitting posture

The contour of the sofa is designed to better support your sitting posture. The thighs are well fully supported for a more comfortable sitting experience.

Built-in wire mangementl

A seat cushion comes will volume filled foam that makes you comfortable and relaxing for long hours of sitting. The width between the seat and the frame is spacious enough to provide a generous space.

Straight layout configuration

Corner set configuration A

Corner set configuration B

Corner set configuration B

Axle set A +Counter configuration

Axle set B + Counter configuration

Base Colours Selection

Fabric upholstery Selection

High Top / Side table Finished Selection