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AIRGRACE reflects an Energetic and lively design. The frame design depicts an unlimited true expression of freedom and artistic value. By leaving the chair alone, it symbolises a fashion statement by itself. Whether is in a casual environment, to a designer’s ambience, AIRGRACE set your imaginations wild! It provides an endless choice of creating your own fashion statement from within.

The Air Lumbar technology
The lumbar support is an integral part of the chair that offers support to diverse shapes of body postures. Our belief is that the lumbar support is not just meant for sophisticated design and upmarket chairs, but is an indispensable function that is essential for all office workers at large. It is our belief and desire to bring the most important element; the air lumbar support to a diverse group of people.


Ultimate Lumbar Support

The Air technology assist in pumping air from the lumbar bar that inflate the shape of the lumbar bar to give a better support at the lower lumbar area. By having the lumbar support at the lower area, it helps to improve the sitting posture.

Headrest with adjustable armrest

No headrest with adjustable armrest

Backrest and Seat Cushion