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Created and Designed by KOKUYO in-house designer; Kazutaka Oki. AIRFORT is packed with innovative design with advanced functionality. The prominent aspect of the chair is the Air-controlled lumbar support and heat dispersing seat cushioning. These functions pave the way for a new era of comfort and style.

Air Controlled Lumbar Support Technology
The key component of that functionality is its concealed adjustable lumbar support air bag. It allows the shape of the seat back to be customised to suit the shape of the user’s spine. Those with more pronounced spinal curvature can inflate the air bag to increase support to their lumber region. The customised support relieves fatigue over long periods of sitting. AIRFORT provides the support where you need it when you need it.


Ultimate Lumbar Support

The Air technology assist in pumping air from the lumbar bar that inflate the shape of the lumbar bar to give a better support at the lower lumbar area. The air could also release by pulling the lever backwards to release the air to find your most comfortable support.

Advanced Seat Cushion

A seat cushion composed of riveted urethane covered in three-dimensional mesh disperses the body’s heat on the seat maximising comfort for users, thus making AIRFORT the ideal choice for today’s demanding business environment.

Headrest with 3D Armrest

Headrest with Height adjustable Armrest

No Headrest with 3D Armrest

No Headrest with Height adjustable Armrest

No Armrest with lumbar support

Visitor Chair

Backrest Colours

Seat Colours