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All For Renew The Way We Work

The Kokuyo Tokyo Showroom has a wide variety of products that create work styles that look ahead to the times when society is undergoing major changes. Here’s the encounter with the furniture you really needed, by seeing it, touching it, or experiencing it online.


Tips for creating a really useful office.
We have prepared an area consisting of “7 activities”.

What is needed for the workplace now that the way of working is changing drastically with the times?
At the Tokyo showroom, among the behavioral elements (activities) in the act of working
We have prepared an area consisting of seven categories that are considered to be important now and in the future.
By knowing the activities to focus on in each office Creating a really useful space and office furniture that gives shape to it will be clarified.

Use the 7 activities as hints for creating an office.

Operation Work

Team Building

Team Brainstorming

High Intensive Work

Specialized Work

Building External Relationships

High Confidential Work

Floor Map

Office furniture, which supports workers and expands their business potential.
Various combinations create a space full of individuality and renew the way of working.
KOKUYO proposes the future of the office through a variety of furniture.