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All For Renew The Way We Work

The Kokuyo Tokyo Showroom has a wide variety of products that create work styles that look ahead to the times when society is undergoing major changes. Here’s the encounter with the furniture you really needed, by
seeing it, touching it, or experiencing it online

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Office furniture, which supports workers and expands their business potential.
Various combinations create a space full of individuality and renew the way of working.
KOKUYO proposes the future of the office through a variety of furniture.

New Products Line-up

Easily adapt to changing environments. Workstations that create a comfortable distance and sense of security. Necessary tools can be set up according to the application. Grooves on the table realize the new way of working.

A full range of functions and options to support your digital work and posture. A top panel made of anti-viral material is available for comfortable work. And it can be set the forms according to the situation.

New Products Line-up

Blending into a living-like space.
KOKUYO designed back and seat mesh type chair for the first time. Realizing transparent and elastic design. Add variations to enrich the space; New 10 colour options and Aluminium circle armrest.
Smooth operability when switching between work modes.

New Products Line-up

Supporting focused work and web conferencing. Panel booths that make it easy to create your own space. Just by spreading it out on your desk, you can create a solo work booth anywhere. Easy to adjust the space.

Storage is also smart.
A design that blends in well with lounge spaces and prevents splash diffusion.

New Products Line-up

Realizes a closed environment with excellent ventilation performance. Ideal pods for telework web conferencing, phone calls, and intensive work by one person.
Design that blends in with the design of the space and a wide variety of colours. Air circulation with excellent ventilation performance even in closed environments. Full range of standard equipment’s.

New Products Line-up

For a conference space where you can face each other with peace of mind. Conference tables with splash suction and air purification functions.

There are very things we can talk through face-to-face.
We create an environment where you can talk with a sense of security even in important meeting situations. Suction of droplets and exhaled air generated by conversation. Removes airborne viruses from the entire room.

Equipped with an electronic dust collection filter that does not clog easily.

New Products Line-up

From casual to chic spaces, you can choose the café table series that best suits your ideal scene.
There are 1850 patterns realized with wide range options of material, color, and shape.

Shape and color variations that can be selected according to the scene.
Many options to support your work.
A single series can create a variety of scenes in an entire space.

New Products Line-up

Set work tools and cafe items according to your favor.

A tool wagon with a playful design. Necessary tools and refreshments can be set according to the application. Functionality that enhances the freedom of setting.

An eye-catching design that creates fun and change in a space. Easy to understand functions, even for general affairs and workers.

New Products Line-up

Make your learning more active. Ideal flap tables for group work.

3-step height adjustment function for easy operation.(H720, 800, 900). Rollaway Table with Flap & Stack function for compact storage. Top panel edge color gives an active impression.

New Products Line-up

A multi-stacking chair that enriches your space layout.

Two ways of stacking function to expand the possibility of space utilization.(Horizontal stacking: 120mm pitch/ Vertical stacking: 105mm pitch)

Sophisticated design with high efficiency. Options of armrest and writing table.

A wide range of color variations to meet your needs. 2 Body colors + 6 Backrest and seating colors.

Welcome, please share with us your basic particulars in order to explore more.